This Infographic is PRO-AMERICA

Design Brief: 

To design a trifolder about the use of social media by ISIS. Also, this infographic will use in internet as well. This infographic will have the information about the fearful ISIS’s propaganda that it is using on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. Also, this infographic  will provide information about what the United States is doing to take action against the propaganda of ISIS. In other words, this infographic is the comparison of both bands. 
To design an infographic with a comparison of what the ISIS and the U.S. are doing. In addition, the information in this infographic is based on the social media and what the ISIS is doing to get more followers. This infographic uses information that  will bring awareness to the audiences about what the United States is trying to do.

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PabloRiquelme_projectApart7 trace-02.jpg