Chile for a new Constitution - 3d Display/poster

Semifinalist in "Secession" Jun 2017

For this project, I related  a fairy tale to a modern day problem. For this reason, I chose to compare a tragic moment in Chile’s history from 1973 that has still affected the country today, to the story of Hansel and Gretel. In this year, Chile suffered from the coup d'état commanded by General Pinochet, who took the power of the country for 17 years. The country changed dramatically to the point that they created new laws. In fact, General Pinochet designed new laws that still dictate in Chile. These laws are called the Constitution of 1980. The comparison between the fairy tale and the events are related because Chile became the country where the witch lives surrounded by candy. The candy in the story represents the laws which people are “eating”.No one wants to change the laws because each time the idea is brought up the government gives more “candy” to the people to suffice them for the time being. The Chileans are like Hansel and Gretel because they eat the “candy” even when they want to escape. In the beginning, it was impossible for them because of the flavor of the candy. And now they are stuck in the “witches house” with no way to escape.

The goal of this project was to bring communication and open discussion to Chileans concerning their constitution. Also, in this class, they encouraged us to use other elements in our designs. For this reason, I am using wood, candy, and wrappers to create a visual system. The use of the country of Chile in the map is important because it was created as a system that emulated the lollipop stand. The communication is related when people partake and open the candy and they can read the wrapper. The wrapper has been designed with a political message that engages people to create a new change in the Constitution of Chile. They can scan the QR code on the lollypop stand which takes them to a website app that provides them with more information on how to speak up and help make changes in their country. In this website,the communication encourages them to sign a petition, where the users can sign up and make the constitution changes to create a new country. 




Final Result