Semifinalist in "Tenth Annual Artists' Book Student Competition Exhibition," May - August, 2017



My concept uses repetition, color and proportion to represent time, love and memory. Every chapter has a different meaning that is reflected in the page layout. The redesigned chapters include only two colors: black and yellow. Black is a reference to the book where it states that in the future time travelers only wear black. Yellow is a contrast to the black and in the case of my book, represents the present. I also created a box that includes the name of the author and a phrase from the book. I experimented with different types of wood and grids so that the book would have a unique form of delivery. 


The book was written by Alan Lightman and is based on what happened before Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. It is basically a journal from April to June 1905. In this class, we had to choose 5 chapters and concepts and make meaning of them in a visual manner. Each visual element in my book reflects and represents something significant from each chapter selected using typography and a grid system. This was something I learned in the program.



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This design was created to promote the book, Einstein's Dreams. The typefaces in the design flow just like the variations of time as the book discusses. The typefaces also change between outlines to solid elements to represent the relativity of space. 

Poster ED copy.jpg
poster black2.jpg