The Godfather's Poster

This project was based in one of the scenes of the movie The Godfather. The purpose of this project was to work with 12 lines of the scenes of this movie accomplished with typeface. The use of the typeface.

The concept of this project was the manipulation that Don Corleone used in the scene. Even more, the lines represent string that in this case the manipulation. The colors used in this artwork was a combination of vintage and different tones of black.


12 lines of the movie The Godfather



                        But let’s be frank here.

                        You never wanted my friendship.

                        And you were afraid to be in my debt.



                        I didn’t want to get into trouble.



                        You found Paradise in America

                        You made a good living, had police protection and there were courts of law.

                        You didn’t need a friend like me.

                        But now you come to me and say “Don Corleone, give me justice.”

                        But you don’t ask with respect.

                        You don’t offer friendship.

                        You don’t even think to call me Godfather.

                        You come on my daughter’s wedding day and ask me to murderer for money.